FemFit Redding


Real people, real change.

Kylee R.
Pregnant Athlete

“I have been training in the strength and conditioning community for almost 8 years. Although I have strength and general knowledge of movements, I wanted to make sure that during my third pregnancy, I stayed active, healthy, and strong - SAFELY. One of the challenges of staying fit while you're pregnant is lack of knowledge of movements and how your changing body can affect them. What can I do? How far can I push myself without jeopardizing the baby? Am I overdoing it? It can be a huge confidence and motivation killer.

Since training with FemFit Redding, she has not only helped me adjust my form while achieving the most in my workouts, but she has helped me rewire my mindset. Her knowledge of fitness, a woman’s changing body and the level of passion for her position as a coach surpasses all expectations. I wake up daily with more energy and feel that I’m giving my body and mindset the best chance of success since starting my training with FemFit Redding.”

Keri P.
General Fitness Athlete

“Training with FemFit Redding has truly changed my life. I grew up as an athlete, with sports being the thing I loved most! Then kids and marriage and work and life happened, and that part of me got pushed to the side. Over the last 10 years I’ve tried multiple gyms, trainers, diets, video workouts...you name it, I tried it. For about 30 days. And then I got bored and unmotivated and would go months without doing anything.

Then I started training with FemFit Redding and she reminded me of who I used to be. I have never been excited to go get my butt kicked in a gym, but I leave every workout with her, feeling challenged, rejuvenated and proud as hell. She programs tough workouts and is patient, encouraging and the kind of coach every person needs. She never lets me settle for anything less than my best and I know she truly cares about me and my goals in and out of the gym.

She is a great resource and educator in nutrition and is constantly investing in her continuing education so that she’s ready to help with all facets of health and fitness. The bonus is she is so much fun to be around and my sessions are something that I look forward to throughout the week.

I’m the type that usually dreads going to workout, and now its the highlight of my week! I would highly recommend FemFit Redding to anyone looking for a challenging, knowledgeable and caring trainer!”

Morgan N.
Postpartum Athlete

“My training days with FemFit Redding are my favorite days of the week! As someone who has mostly done home workouts, using bigger equipment felt a little intimidating at first but FemFit Redding makes me feel so comfortable. I leave every session feeling so encouraged! Her training and expertise in postpartum fitness has been so key for me, knowing I am healing and working my core properly after having 3 babies in 3.5 years.”